Cindy Sweeney, ARCB, is a Colorado native, living in Colorado Springs since 1983. Her introduction to foot reflexology dates back to when her grandparents received reflexology sessions for their health and well being. To her, reflexology has always been a natural modality to enhance her personal health regimen. She informally studied under local reflexologist Nanna Bolling. After a 30-year hospital laboratory career, she decided to pursue formal education and certification in foot reflexology. She received her American Reflexology Certification in January 2008 after graduating from the Colorado Springs Academy of Reflexology.

Cindy has studied the science of the meridians as they pertain to foot reflexology. Recently sound therapy has become her deep interest. She is presently studying the balancing of the chakra system using Solfeggio tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls and incorporating this into her treatments. Taping for plantar fasciitis is also available.

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