Wojtek Rychlik, LMT, PhD provides various massage modalities that include deep tissue, myofascial release with some lymphatic drainage elements, trigger point release and cupping. Deep tissue is the most popular among them. He specializes in a massage that is optimized for relieving pain while reducing stress levels. The cupping massage mostly improves the skin tone.

He has a PhD degree in biochemistry, so he may share with you his knowledge about diet, nutrition, and he may even alalyze for you your medical cannabis samples. MassageWorks is a commercial massage site for him, but his (and his wife Barbara) business is called Ms Lavenda, provider of high quality essential oils and cosmetics. You may read more about him on Ms Lavenda massage page.

RATES: for the first time customers it is $43/h or $56/1.5h (cupping is less), more rates here At this time he is also running Groupon campaign.

REVIEWS: see the Ms Lavenda page.

Wojtek is also a photographer. For more info and publications please check Wikipedia.

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